Membership Options for April 2017 to March 2018

Full membership – Initial joining fee £75. Annual membership £130 (-£10 if 65 or over, and 18 and younger)

Available to all those 16 and over who can demonstrate that they meet the playing in standard. This entitles a  Member to play in any of the mix-in sessions, enter the club knockout tournaments and be eligible for selection to play in the Woking League matches.

Off-Peak membership – Initial joining fee £50. Annual membership £90 (-£5 concessions as above)

Available to all those who are not yet ready to “play in” or who wish to play only during the week and not at weekends. These Members are not eligible to enter the club knockout tournaments or to play in the Woking League matches.

Friends of Chobham LTC membership – Annual membership £30 – This includes a lottery Bonus Ball (worth £20 /year) with the chance to win £30 every month.

Available to all those 16 and over who do not want to play tennis, but want to join in with all the club’s social events.

Junior membership – No joining fee. Annual memberships, 5-11 years £30, 12-18 years £40 and Students up to 22 years £35

Available to all those between the ages of 5 and 18. Junior members are encouraged to attend the various coaching groups run throughout the year, and they can also play in the court time on Saturday and Sunday morning and Thursday evening after school. New Juniors are welcome at any time. They require only tennis shoes and ideally a tennis racket (though rackets can be loaned at first). Tennis clothing is preferred but not required. Balls are provided but must be returned to the box on the court after use and collected when they go outside the courts.

For the younger children Mini Tennis is offered.

Red Mini Tennis is offered to children aged 5 – 7. The children play with a smaller net, small rackets and foam balls. These children need to join the Tennis Club and pay for the coaching sessions each half term.

Orange Mini Tennis is the next stage for the Under 10 age group, where a ¾ sized court, marked out with yellow and blue strips and soft (not foam) balls are used. Any juniors in the Red Mini tennis group who play outside in the Mini Tennis session on a Saturday must pay the membership fee for the Juniors 5 – 11yrs.

Complimentary Non-Playing Membership for a parent or Guardian is provided with each Junior membership, although parents/guardians are strongly recommended to take out playing membership so that they can assist their children in the development of their tennis.There are discounts for Family Membership subscription and details of this can be found on the application form and on the Club’s websi


Members may bring guests to the Club on payment of a small fee. The name of the Guest and of the Member introducing them should be entered on the guest list on the notice board. The fee should be paid to a Committee Member as soon as possible. Guests may play in Club Sessions at the discretion of the Committee.

Court Access

The Club has exclusive use of the courts from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm each day except Monday and Wednesday mornings and 8.00 am to 10.00 am on Sunday mornings. The courts may be accessed using a combination padlock. All Members are issued with the combination number.The courts are reserved in advance for Club social tennis sessions, American tournaments, Senior/Junior matches (usually two courts), and Senior/Junior coaching sessions. At all other times they may be booked for privately arranged play with other club members. The booking sheets are on the notice board in the pavilion. Floodlights are always available until 10.00 pm when they must go off. They may be used free of charge for Club sessions (Tuesday and Thursday evenings) and Matches. At other times Members (Senior/Junior) may purchase tokens to operate the floodlights. One token costs £1 and lasts for 45 mins.

Pavilion Access

The pavilion has a large club-room, a small kitchen area and also toilet and changing facilities. It is locked with two combination padlocks, the numbers of which are given to Full, Off Peak and Non-Playing Members. Junior Members are not allowed in the pavilion unless accompanied by an adult member. All Full and Off Peak Members are expected to assist with cleaning the pavilion and routine maintenance, including tidying of the surrounding area and sweeping the courts. In order to prevent damage, members are asked to refrain from brushing snow off the courts and from pulling up any weeds. A duty rota is posted in the pavilion and distributed to all members either by post or email.

Dress Code

Club rules state that players must observe a “predominately white” dress code. Members are asked not only to comply with the literal interpretation of the words but also to recognise the intent that they dress appropriately for tennis rather than for jogging, training or football. The dress code does not apply to Junior Members.

Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are provided for League Matches and Senior Club sessions. Ex-match balls are used for Junior Club Sessions. Members must use their own tennis balls for knockout matches and their own arranged games. Tins of the type being used in matches and Club sessions are available for Members to buy at the Club’s discounted rate.


The Club’s Coach can provide individual and group coaching for adults and Juniors.

For further details please see the ‘About Us’ page on this website, and if you are interested in joinng click on the link to the membership form.