How to book a court


Just follow the steps shown below. When you have made a booking, you alone will have full control over editing them. So if you need to change the date or time, you do not have to delete it first and then re-enter it. You just open the court booking and edit the dates or times, it will automatically show up in the calendar on the correct date. There are five categories of events to choose from on the calendar. If you are an Adult member choose the ‘Courts Adults‘ category, or if you are a Junior member choose the ‘Courts Juniors‘ category. Please check to make sure that the courts are actually available on the day or time you want.  

In this example we will be booking a single court on 27th June from 2pm to 4pm. Click on the images for an enlarged view.

              Step 1What's On Page
Open the ‘WHAT’S ON ?‘ page. If you are already logged on, then follow Step 2. If you get prompted to log on it will then take you back to the ‘HOME’ page, where you will need to re-open the ‘WHAT’S ON ?‘ page, then follow Step 2. 

               Step 2
Select ‘Click Here to Book a Court

               Step 3Opens Calendar
This will open the calendar in edit mode. Select the day you want to make your booking.

               Step 4calendar_15
When you have clicked on a day in the calendar, it will open this form

               Step 5calendar_20
Check that the ‘From‘ and ‘To‘ dates are correct. If not, then click on the ‘From’ date, this will open a drop down calendar where you can select a different date if necessary

               Step 6calendar_17
Select a start time. The drop down menu will list times in 30 minute periods in a 24 clock style

               Step 7calendar_21
Now check that the ‘To‘ date is the same as the ‘From‘ date. If not, then change it

               Step 8calendar_18
Select an end time

               Step 9calendar_19
Choose a category from the drop down menu (Courts Adults or Courts Juniors) and fill in the rest of the form, as shown in this example. Lastly, click the ‘Add‘ button (if you are modifying an existing booking the ‘Add’ button is replaced by an ‘Update‘ button) By this stage there should be no yellow boxes on the form. If there are any, it won’t let you save the booking, so make sure you have filled all the boxes as shown.

               Step 10Booked
This is what your new court booking for the 27th June at 2pm till 4pm will look like

               Step 11Back to Website
Now exit the calendar editor and go back to the main website, by clicking the home ‘Chobham and District Lawn Tennis Club‘ link in the top left corner of the screen

               Step 12Calendar Booking
Go to the ‘WHAT’S ON‘ page. This is what your booking will look like

               Step 13Booking details
Click on the booking, it will open and look like this

Finally, if you need to go back and edit (change dates, times, category etc) or delete any of your bookings, you still have to start the process by selecting ‘Click Here to Book a Court‘, as shown in ‘Step 2’ above.