Juniors Tournaments

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LTA Tournaments

Surrey Postal Tournaments

Format – Tournaments for all ages with separate boys and girls events – Usually entered by lower ranked players as a first step into competitive play – A knockout tournament played twice a year (Summer & Winter) Players are drawn ‘Home’ or ‘Away’ – Contact should then be made with the opponent and if drawn at home, you are responsible for booking a court at your home club.


Road to Wimbledon Tournament – Note that this year the club is NOT participating in this particular tournament

The details below are from 2015

wimbledon juniors


Boys Fixtures & Results from 2015Girls Fixtures and Results from 2015

Format – 14 and under with separate boys and girls events – Maximum rating a player can have to be eligible to enter the section of this tournament that our club is participating in this year, is 7.2 – This is a good, but not exceptional, standard.

Stage One – A tournament at Chobham LTC, probably on a Sunday afternoon/evening – This will be a knockout event with best of three set matches (The third set a first to 10 tie break)

Stage Two – The winning boy, and the winning girl, from the Stage One tournament will be invited to play in the County Tournament against the winners from other Surrey clubs.

Stage Three – The winners from the Stage Two County Tournament, are invited to the Finals played at Wimbledon against players from all over the country.


Aegon Team Tennis


Format – Teams of two each playing a singles match and then combining to play a doubles match are entered into leagues along with other local clubs, and matches are played through the Spring & Summer – There are leagues for the full range of junior ages.

Background – Our club used to enter a number of teams in this competition which provides great competitive opportunities for our juniors. However, it relies very much on the enthusiastic support and practical help of the parents, as each team has to have a volunteer manager (Captain) to organise everything for their team. In most cases, this will be a parent of one of the participating juniors. In the past, this caused us problems when there was a lack of support from the parents, and so placed far too much pressure on, the then, Junior Sectretary, which resulted in our club having to withdraw from the competition. But, this year, two parents have agreed to run teams – An under 14 Girls, and an under 12 Boys. If things go well we will look to expand the number of teams next year.


Fitness Training


As players move into competitive play, the necessary level of fitness begins to increase. Best of three set matches against players of similar ability, can often last two and a half hours, and if entering LTA tournaments, players will need to be prepared to play two such matches in a day. For that reason we will be introducing regular (three time a week) fitness testing sessions, based on LTA National Fitness Tests.

LTA Fitness Tests – These tests record data for ‘Explosive Power, Coordination, Speed, Agility, Stamina and Flexibility’. Every player is an individual at their own age and growth point, so the idea is not comparison against each other, but by giving the player a record of their fitness levels, at regular intervals, then progression and areas requiring work can be monitored.

Eligibility – These sessions will be by invitation to anyone taking part in the LTA Tournaments. They are not fitness training sessions in themselves, but simply a way for the player to focus on specific areas of general fitness over the coming months.

Jon Dann (Coach)  – March 2015 


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