Singles Leagues Rules

  • Entry

Open to all Full, Off Peak, Students and Junior Plus (at the discretion of club coach Jon Dann).  It is a mixed ladder.

  • Match Play

Matches will be two sets (or just 1 set if both players agree, when the points will be doubled) with a tiebreak at five all (or at 6 all or a full long set if both players agree).

  • League Format

There will be up to 5 leagues consisting of 5 or 6 players in each league. The actual number of players and leagues will depend on how many club members take part. This year there will be only 2 rounds each covering a period of 3 months. At the end of Round 1 there will be promotions and demotions, and a new set of leagues published. The top 2 in each league will be promoted to the league above and the bottom 2 will be demoted to the league below. Any other players will remain in the same league for the next round.

Round 1 – From April 2018 to end of June 2018

Round 2 – July 2018 to end of September 2018

  • Scoring Points

The match results will be converted to points as follows.

6:0 – Winner 6 pts – Loser 0 pts
6:1 – Winner 6 pts – Loser 1 pt
6:2 – Winner 6 pts – Loser 2 pts
6:3 – Winner 6 pts – Loser 3 pts
6:4 – Winner 6 pts – Loser 4 pts
6:5 (or a full long set) – Winner 6 pts – Loser 5 pts
Plus an extra 1 point to both players for every match played.
For example Rafa beats Bjorn by 6:2, 6:5. Rafa gets 6+6+1 = 13 pts, and Bjorn gets 2+5+1 = 8 pts.
  • Recording your results

Please use the website calendar on the ‘What’s On’ page to book your courts. Then when you have played your match re-open your website court booking and record the actual result and score. There is no need to convert it into points. We will do that for you and record all the results as they happen on the Singles League page of this website

  • Arrangements for play

Contact phone numbers and email addresses will be emailed to all the players at the start of the competition and if necessary, updated for Round 2 in July. They are also available by clicking the link on the Singles League page of this website. (You will need to login to do this)

Players are responsible for arranging their own matches.  If, after offering their opponent 3 reasonable dates they are unable to agree a date to play, the Singles League Organiser (Roger) will adjudicate.

Players are to provide their own balls.  These can be obtained from the club at very competitive prices!! If Floodlights are required they must also be paid for by purchasing tokens form thr club. Each token costs £1 and gives 45 mins of lights.

  • Prizes

3 prizes will awarded based on the League positions at 30th September 2018 :  The player who finishes top of league 1, and the man and woman who has played the most matches during the previous 12 months.

  • Join the Ladder

Anyone who would like to join the next round  of the Singles Leagues, please  email Roger.