Wimbledon Ballot Opt-In

  The “Opt In” window for the 2019 WIMBLEDON TICKET BALLOT is now open, and it will benefit the club if you could ‘Opt In’before this window closes on 22nd February 2019.

Then next year, when we know what tickets our club has been allocated, if you would like to attend the Wimbledon Championships in July 2019, you can enter our ‘Club ballot’ for the tickets of your choice.

To qualify for our ‘Club ballot’ members have to :-

a) Have joined our Club by 1st April 2019
b) Be a British Tennis Member (free to join)
c) Be linked to Chobham Tennis Club as their Place to Play
d) Have Opted In to the LTA Ballot by 22nd February 2019.

Members can “Opt In” by visiting the LTA website. logging in and follow the ‘Opt in now’ link.

Even if you are not planning to enter the 2019 ‘Club ballot’, it would help the Club if you do ‘Opt In’ as this will increase the Club’s allocation of tickets.

Many thanks
Ian Mattholie