Club Facilities



The club has 3 Hard Courts, all of them Floodlit. The floodlights can be used up to, and no later than, 10pm when they must be switched off. They may be used free of charge for Club sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings) and Woking League Matches. At other times Members (Junior or Senior) must pay for tokens (£1 for 45 mins /court). In 2011 we installed a practice wall, at the back of Court No.3


Club Pavilion and Security

The Club’s wooden, chalet style pavilion, next to the courts, has a small kitchen area, toilet and changing facilities. Access to the pavilion is restricted to Full & Off peak members and parents of Junior members via a combination lock. Whilst access to the courts is open to all members, including juniors. Combination locks are used on access the Pavilion and Courts. The numbers are occasionally changed and communicated to all club members.


Tennis Balls

These are provided for Woking League and Matches and for Senior and Junior Club Sessions. Members must use their own tennis balls for knockout matches and their own arranged games. New tubes of balls are available for members to buy at the Club’s discounted rate, also, ex-match balls can be purchased for just £1 /tube of 4.


Public Access

Mondays 9am to 1pm – All 3 courts

Tuesdays 9am to 1pm – Court No.3 only

Wednesdays 9am to 1pm – All 3 courts

Sundays  8am to 10am – All courts



The club is in an enviable location, virtually in the centre of Chobham Village, with it’s own range of popular amenities, such as Convenience stores, Pubs, Restaurants, and Coffee Shops