How the Pegboard should be used

The Club Pegboard

Blue pegs = Full members,  Red pegs = Off Peak,  Yellow pegs = Guests

How to use the Pegboard

  • When you arrive at the club, find your peg and place to the right of any other pegs in the ‘4 from 7’ area of the pegboard
  • The player, whose peg is at the front of the queue (Left hand end), chooses 3 other players from the next 6
  • Those 4 players pegs are moved to the court of their choice and play commences.
  • The remaining pegs in the ‘4 from 7’ area are all moved to the left, and the process is repeated
  • The process then repeats until all 3 courts are in use.
  • The player at the extreme left of the queue now chooses 3 players from the next six and moves those 4 pegs to the ‘Next 4’ area of the pegboard.
  • When 8 games have been played (6 on Fridays) the players move their pegs from the court areas, back to the queue of waiting players.
  • Club etiquette requires the winning pair to be added first followed by the losing pair. If mixed pair, the winning lady player is first, the winning male player is next followed by the losing lady player and finally the losing male player.
  • The ‘Next 4’ players then move their pegs on to the now available court, and the whole process repeats.

In this example Jane gets to pick and chooses 3 players from the next 6, to play tennis with her. Say she selects Sally, Adam and Raj. Then Max would get to choose the next 3 from 6 to play tennis with him.

General Principles

  • The pegboard should be used whenever there are more than 12 players present
  • Club etiquette requires that a player does not decline to play when selected, simply because they do not wish to play in a particular 4.
  • The 4 players should ideally be a mixed 4 (2 men, 2 ladies) but when this is not possible any combination may be chosen.
  • If a player wants a break from playing, either just for a rest or to visit Tesco, Pasha, etc, they should remove their peg from the ‘4 from 7’ area. When they decide to play again, they must place their peg at the right hand end of the queue of waiting players.
  • Manipulation of the pegboard, such as taking a break just to avoid playing with certain other players, is not in the spirit of these friendly and inclusive club sessions.

Playing Format

  • Tuesday & Thursday evenings, Saturdays and Sunday club mix in sessions use an 8 game format. 4 games, change ends, 4 games. Sudden death deuce, non serving pair elect player to receive the serve.
  • The Friday sessions use a 6 game format. 3 games, change ends, 3 games and sudden death deuce.
  • Thursday morning sessions (Rusty Rackets) also play 6 games, but change ends every uneven game (1, 3 & 5), and don’t play sudden death deuce.