Rusty Rackets

icon 150 wood As well as the usual Tuesday and Thursday Mix-In evening sessions, the club runs a ‘Rusty Rackets’ Mix-in session on a Thursday morning, and a general Mix-in session on a Friday morning. Both starting at 9:30am.

These are both very popular with those members either wishing to improve their tennis skills, players who have only recently taken up the game or those that are coming back to the game after a long break away from playing tennis.

They are both very friendly mixed ability sessions, and are well attended, come rain or shine.

So, if you are new to the game or you were in the Brownies or Cubs the last time you played, then this might just be the place to start playing.

It says ‘Rusty Rackets’ but ‘Bent and Mouldy Wooden Rackets’ are also welcome too.

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