Winter Mixed Doubles Tournament

2023 / 2024 Winter Mixed Doubles Tournament

Draw for this tournament has now been made and full details can be found by clicking this link

There are nine pairings which has made it necessary to have a preliminary round involving two pairings. The deadline for the preliminary round is 14th January 2024 and the deadline for the quarter finals is 18th February. However if you already drawn with a quarter final opponent I suggest you play this match much sooner than the deadline.
The final will take place on Sunday 7th April.
As ever, the onus on arranging the match is with the first pairing shown. If no contact is made then the match will be awarded to the second pair. Make sure to book your court on the club website. The result should be emailed to Roger Rossi who will update the website and also entered on the draw sheet in the clubhouse.
If you know that you will be unavailable for any length of time ( injuries,holidays,work commitments etc) then please contact me before any deadlines. If you know that you will not be able to play in the next round then please award the match to your opponents at match point.
All matches are the best of three sets with a tie break at 6-6. Normal deuces apply.
Please remember to supply your own tennis balls for all matches except the final.
If you use floodlights then please pay for these by leaving money in the box in the clubhouse or by paying the club online.
If you have any problems or questions then please email, whatsapp or phone me.
I hope you all enjoy playing in the tournament.
Kind Regards,